S26 in HTML

On http://perlcabal.org/syn/, Synopsis 26 is the only one without the HTML page. That’s of course due to the lack of Pod (Pod6) to HTML converter. Today there has been a breakthrough in this embarrasing situation :)
My Pod parser integrated into Rakudo is capable of parsing S26 completely, so this morning I wrote a Pod::To::HTML module for it. Parsing and generating HTML output from S26 takes about 4 minutes on my machine, but the outcoming document is not that bad. You can see some still NYI features, like the lack of formatting codes and correctly interpreting semantic blocks. The first one is a part of my GSoC work, the second one is not but I’ll probably do it anyway, just for the sake of having prettier S26 :)

My HTML-fu is a bit Less Than Awesome, so if anyone knows how to make it any better (and it won’t be cheating as Pod::To::HTML is not a part of my GSoC work), I’m willing to hand out commit bits to anyone interested.

Maybe it’s finally time to read this one. Have the appropriate amount of fun.

One Comment on “S26 in HTML”

  1. Martin Berends says:

    Yay! I had longed for this more than two years ago, tried for several months to write one back then, and gave up after performance problems. Congratulations firstly to you, and secondly to all the Rakudo contributors who collectively have made this possible.

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