On ignoring TODOs

A while ago I was looking for a way to organize myself. I read GTD for Hackers, and then eagerly split my TODO into Next Actions, Projects, Waiting For and Someday/Maybe. It all looked nice and organized, and I felt like I’m really doing something to get organized and stuff.

Except that my problem wasn’t really about forgetting to do stuff. It was about not wanting to do stuff. You know what procrastination is? No? Well, I’ll explain it later.

Then I noticed that I usually get motivated just before the deadline of some sort. My calendar was full of deadlines, and a day before I usually sat there and did what was to be done. So I thought, how about artificial deadlines?

Since then, instead of putting stuff on a TODO, I put it in a calendar for a random free day in the near future. Then if I don’t have time to do something, I can postpone it, depending on how much time I still need to complete it.

It appears to be working fine. It’s more about getting motivated than getting organized, but I feel that I cannot be the only one who is looking for “how to get organized” when I really need “how to get motivated to actually get stuff done”.

Hope this helps.