Asynchronous HTTP requests in Perl 6

Inspired by, I decided to tackle asynchronous  HTTP requests in Perl 6 on Rakudo. Allowing this required a bit of hacking on MuEvent, and the changes are far too ugly and hacky to be released, but here’s how it looks:

    use MuEvent;

    my @urls = <
    my $count = @urls.elems;
    my $starttime;

    sub handler ($what, $content) {
        say sprintf "%-25s has loaded in %s", $what, now - $starttime;
        unless --$count {
            say "Finished in {now - $starttime} seconds";
            exit 0;

    for @urls -> $url {
        http_get(url => $url, cb => sub { handler($url, $^content) })

    $starttime = now;


The code results in something like this:                  has loaded in 0.047303409195493             has loaded in 0.0985883954326499            has loaded in 0.137316369015216                 has loaded in 0.175586713955562      has loaded in 0.413971411974607
    Finished in 0.465130828044337 seconds

You may notice that the urls are pretty much ordered – that’s because my internet connection is probably way faster than MuEvent’s event loop :)

For now http_get() is using bare sockets to send HTTP requests, which is, well, Less Than Awesome at least. Once I figure out how to properly tie LWP::Simple to MuEvent I’ll hopefully hack out some proper solution to be released for everyone’s joy. Stay tuned.

One Comment on “Asynchronous HTTP requests in Perl 6”

  1. Looks cool. It will take me a few days of looking at it before I begin to understand. I was trying to come up with a event loop thingy but It looks like you already solved it, and yous is way more capable then what I could have come up with. I’m still trying to understand IO::Socket:INET any tips? I would like to make an UDP Server/Lister.

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