How to use your Kindle as a notebook

So amazon has released those new, shiny Kindles for low prices. Does that make my Kindle Keyboard (that’s how they call it now anyway) obsolete now? Not on my watch. So what’s a good thing about a physical keyboard, on a device you don’t really type on? Turns out it can be useful if you can find a reasonable use for it.

I used to carry around a notebook of a size of a post-it sticker in my back pocket. I’m nowhere near the idea of carrying my Kindle in a back pocket, I’ve had it broken already, thank you, but can it be as good as a notebook as a good, ol’ piece of paper? First of all, we’ll need a decent app for it. But those are not available for customers outside of the US. Crap.

But there’s this feature for adding inline notes in a book you read, right? So if I could carry around an empty book just for putting notes on it… that could work. So I assembled one, and all the inline notes appear on the “My Clippings” entry just fine. Works fine now, let’s see how it will work in the field, over time.

So, what do you use a keyboard on your Kindle for?


One Comment on “How to use your Kindle as a notebook”

  1. Charlie says:

    Thanks for the download! While waiting for non-US access to apps, I’ve found that picking out one of the dictionaries and adding notes to keywords can be useful – say, grocery for groceries.. for example :) I’m still fond of having a button keyboard too… at least until there’s a wacom kindle app & stylus perhaps? Even then.
    Added bonus to having a Kindle Keyboard – watching friends trying to finger-swipe the screen! (Followed by telling them how I like being able to trail my finger across a line in a book without it Doing Something.)

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