GSoC: First (easily) visible results

Yeah, of course I’m doing stuff for almost 2 months now. But all this was boooring. The goal was not for the parser outside the compiler, but the parser in the compiler itself, exposing Pod to runtime. After some funny and some frustrating moments (like self-duplicating bacon: worse than it sounds!) it finally happened: a $POD variable (should be $=POD one day), is visible in the code and contains sensemaking results. I also started moving tests to Rakudo tree, so ‘make test’ can be proud of the shiny new capabilites too. Exciting times. I feel excited and proud, one of the main goals is there, as it should be, not in some remote repo as a separate module. From now on, everything should be easier :)


2 Comments on “GSoC: First (easily) visible results”

  1. Rajeev says:

    > perl generates the WWW page and dynamic form for WWW user, usign data stored in RDBMS.
    > WWW user fills form on browser
    >form runs a perl script on server
    > perl script saves input data in RDBMS
    > perl script logs into many other heterogeneous systems using advertised web-services, ssh, telnet etc..
    > perl script fetches data, operate on it. and saves it in RDBMS
    > output it back to WWW user with proper presentation

    this is going to be the most used scenario of future, therefore my request is to have some basic (tested fast/secure) functionality built into the base language, so that i do not have to use any modules for such activity.

    Of-course, there can be choice of modules of all of above and much more, but for 80% population, basic setup is enough, which means high popularity, and user-base.

    I hope i got my point across to the perl6 community.
    thank you.

  2. Casan says:

    hi rajeev

    I understand that is a part of your needs for a web app, and you are not alone,
    however to get your point better across, perhaps you can communicate it somewhere more appropriate, than in a comment to a blog post about a pod parser for the perl6 documentation.

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