Zebras in the Perl 6 herd

Well, the #perl6 herd mostly. Where did they come from? Well, it all started with this tadzik guy one day on the #perl irc channel.

tadzik  | good evening zebras!
colomon | zebras?
tadzik  | oh, I just felt a need for a funny greeting
tadzik  | how are things?

Zebras had to wait to become noticed until the morning next day:

masak   | <tadzik> good evening zebras!
masak   | I for one hope this will become an instant classic :)
jnthn   | It may, but it's not black and white.

And it did became, actually. Since that day, zebras have been mentioned 230 on #perl6, my irc logs say. In a various forms, in a various contexts. But the main idea remained. -Ofun, all the way.

(Gee, that sounds so official)

Zebra is also a codename of a Secret Project of mine, a bit GSoC related. But that’s another story, and it’s not coming very soon anyway.


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