And so I’m accepted as a Perl Foundation GSoC student. Yay!

I don’t think there’s any particular blogging requirement, yet there’s already too much Perl on this blag, so a tiny bit more won’t make much difference. Plus I believe it’ll be so exciting I would have been blogging about it anyway :)

The coding starts in the last week of May I think, but due to somewhat unfortunate collision between the end of my semester and the beginning of the GSoC I may experience some lack of time. The reasonable solution is to start coding a bit earlier, to minimize the possibility of slips in the coding time. The gsocmess repo will keep all the thoughts and maybe some code I’ll write during the thinking time. Feel free to look into it from time to time (free code review \o/), and, as always, constructive criticism or your own thoughts will be more than appreciated.


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