A trip to Holland

On the Netherlands Perl Workshop, where I’ve met some fellow Poles, I was asked: „so, why Perl? Why not Python or Ruby?”. That always takes me a while to answer. When we speak about languages, there is probably no good reason. Although I have very little experience besides Perl, all of them seem nice to me, pleasant to read and write, with lots of ready-to-use modules. What makes Perl special? The only sensemaking thing that comes to my mind, is the community. Among all the languages I’ve ever used, none was able to make me go to a pub once in a month just to talk about nerdy stuff. None made me travel to another country, to spend a few days with people I knew only from their IRC nicks and gravatars. But but, to start from the beginning…

To be honest, being invited just out of the blue to come to Netherlands to a workshop and a hackathon was quite a suprise to me. Someone I barely know invites me to come to his place a few hunded kilometers away, to meet a few other people I barely know and hack together. Suprising, exciting, awesome. The Perl community suprises me once again, in a whole new way. Didn’t think much, had to ensure a few close relatives that I’ll be alright and flew.

Oh, what can I say to not turn it into „I’ll now describe my 3-day-long-holidays, please prepare your pillows”. People were as awesome as expected. The workshop was nice, yet I have an impression that the most interesting talks were the ones about Perl 6, from the people I came to the workshop with. But I may be biased, as half of the talks were in Dutch, one of the languages I don’t speak at all :) Some at-slides-looking, some Perl6 hacking occured. Met a few nice people, even two from Poland, which I didn’t quite expect. Shot a few pictures, got an awesome t-shirt. I wonder what YAPC::EU will be like, besides being few times bigger.

The most remembered thing is the hackathon at Martin’s place afterwards. Interesting how just sitting in a room laughing from the same jokes can bring productivity to the levels I haven’t seen before :) Maybe I should figure out some way to cheat my brain and make it think I’m on a hackathon of some sort. Besides hacking, we went to a small trip for me to see some outdoor Holland.

Besides the whole weekend being an awesome experience itself, I think it just pushed my Perl community awareness on a whole new level. Now it’s not only Perl Mongers meetings once in a month, but traveling across Europe to meet new people and see new places. There wouldn’t be so much awesomeness if there weren’t these awesome people. Thank you guys, that were the best holidays I’ve had recently.


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