Perl 6 – ready enough for me

(Forgive me starting from the nerdy stuff. Give me some time to get comfortable and I may write about something interesting one day)

Rakudo Star, being “useful and usable”, brought not only hapiness and amazement, but also suprisingly many votes of disapproval, even from inside the Perl community. It’s slow, it’s not complete, it’s this and that, blah blah blah. I don’t know what these people were actually expecting, but I’m happy about what the Rakudo team has released. And here’s why.

I’m not a proffesional programmer of any sort (hell, I won’t even go so far to call myself a programmer at all). It’s my passion, not my job, and a die-hard production-ready Perl 6 is not what’s obligatory for me. As Perl 6, I’m also optimized for fun, so as long as I can do funny stuff with it, and I can, I’m glad, happy, dancing around and juggling ananases.

So I’m playing around. Writing modules, like File::Find, toying with module management (see neutro) and messing with other people’s repos. I’m having fun, gaining experience and I believe I’m doing something others will appreciate. What else do I need?


One Comment on “Perl 6 – ready enough for me”

  1. Mike S. says:

    As you write in a more recent post, the programming community has a large group of people that are very vocal with their preferences and dislike anything outside their personal preferred set of tools. Their opinions don’t matter. Do what you enjoy. A love of learning and a willingness to tinker will make you a better developer than a good chunk of the people who write code for a living, probably including me.

    I think some of the people complaining about Rakudo Star are just impatient. I don’t have the time and energy to contribute myself, so I see no reason to unfairly criticize those who do for not reaching full feature parity and high performance yet.

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